Monday, October 20, 2008

When curiosity didn't kill the cat..

As a kid, my biggest fascination was to have a pen friend! Unfortunately, nothing of that sorts happened. Always fascinated by cultures, I was sorely disappointed by that fact that I never got to know anything about others.

Then internet happened. And with internet came Orkut. By that time, I was very fascinated with the happenings on the other side of the border. Maybe my first friend was a Pakistani. I don’t remember his name but I remember well that making friends across the border was something I was very keen upon.

That was sometime back. Today when I look back, I see that I have made some really great friends from across the border and the experience has not only been on an upward learning curve, but has made me realize the frivolity of the line that separates us. I may or may not meet my friends in reality, but they are my friends nonetheless and are very much indispensible in my life.

Indian and Pakistani friends are a rare breed of people because still the majority believe that the guy across the border is the cause for our downfall. Government propaganda doesn’t help matters either. But then we are again the same bunch of guys who look at North - South Korea with a sorry kind of “Tch .. Tch” and resume hating across the Wagah!

No matter how much we harp upon being so similar and yet being so spiteful, the differences that are; are too complex to be resolved. The differences are simply political in nature and there are huge political interests involved, so unfortunate though, but they will not be resolved, at least in the near future.

                         We can definitely not change the Government policy but can try to make a difference by improving upon people to people contact. I mean, when more of Usmans come into contact with the Anands from India, the perception of the neighbour is bound to change and the chances of sanity prevailing is more.

If only I had my way..