Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Presenting LOCout!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, said Lao Tse. But what if the journey was so slippery that for every step you take, you are pushed back by a two? Will the journey ever be complete? If this question had such an obvious answer, why have we heard the story of the Scot King Bruce who learnt from the spider to keep trying till we succeed? The bottomline is optimism can tear through all barriers.

And that is exactly what we have set upon with this blog. We are not that 'Next Gen' kids who preach 'Love thy neighbour' to their parents and set out to make friendship with the people on other sides of the border. We are not at all those who preach for burying differences and make only love. We are Indians who have opinions against Pakistan. We are also Pakistanis who find India too hot to handle in Kashmir. We have opinions like each of the common man on the streets of India or Pakistan.

So what are we? We are people who believe that the man on the other side of the border is dangerous only as long as he remains a stranger. We believe that News discussion remains 'propaganda' only as long as it is told by people from one side of the border. So, here we have come along with a platform that will serve to bridge both our objectives. We will discuss issues afflicting both our nations as passionately as discussions on Ganguly's omission from the Indian team happens in the Indian college canteens or discussions about whether Musharraf is good for Pakistan or not in the college canteens of Pakistan.

There have been times when the Indian media has gone overboard pointing fingers at Pakistan, and there have been an equal number of times when India was charged at by the Pakistani media. We are those bunch of amateur self-proclaimed journos who shall tend to make things straight. Our objective is to stop this media 'lockout' of sorts that has kept propagandas the order of the day on both sides of the LOC. So here we are to break the shackles of this lockout. Here we are, LOCout!


ayyo.... said...

@ Anand

News discussion remains 'propaganda' only as long as it is told by people from one side of the border!!

Exactly!! And thanks to the internet, we can try to make a difference. :)

Sikander F Khan said...

I agree with Ayyo... online interactive forums like orkut and blogs like thiso ne has really helped us understand each other really well.

A few years back, I would have never imagined that I'd be in contact with so many Indians, at all, let alone with such frequency.

We can make maximum of these forums to better our relations.

urmush said...
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Usman said...

brilliant! bloody brillant!

urmush said...

the main page was written brilliantly,,,hats off to whoever wrote it