Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Shallow Limits

About 60 years ago, when, at the time of partition, the nationals of the India & Pakistan were replete, not with satisfaction, but with hatred towards each other, no-one could have imagined that normal, middle class people from both the countries, who didn't have even distinct political bearings or interests, could ever agree or have a sensible dialogue about any issue.

For years after the partition, and after many demolishing wars that left both countries piteous, people of both the countries could not be reposed at the mention of any one or thing across the border. Outraged were people from the left and right of the border.

To some InP is just an online community where they browse to pass their time, but they are surprised when they get really involved. Here at InP, as we converse, as I write this, and as you read it, I think we are proving many wrong, who could lay their life's savings betting on infinite wars between the two countries. True, there have been many attempts, valiant and vague, but none quite like ours, for who would think that best friends would be from across the borders and not on the same side? Who could think that a Pakistani would fend for an Indian quarreling with another Pakistani? No, it was quite an absurd thought, but, in ancient times. Today Inp is here for bridging the gaps, filling in the borders, and digging out the inherent brotherhood among long lost brothers.

Let me share my own experience. When I first entered InP, a high-headed teenager with seemingly low levels of intellect, I couldn't help thinking about the fate of this separate brave attempt and smirking to myself. I did not doubt it even for a moment that the outcome would be like the previous ones, ending with war of words, filthy thoughts & undesired wishes. I was all but right. What I witnessed was unexpected.

Discussions, sometimes serious, many a time light, love for each other, life-long friends across the borders, and a few small arguments which are inevitable when so many people with many different experiences, thoughts and emotions converge. But unlike others, in this case it was love that prevailed and hatred perished.

Practicality and rational thinking, religious, intellectual, scientific, current affairs are some of the cherished forte of this community. At this, I would like to convey my gratitude and love to InP and all those part of the InP family and shout out my lungs saying...

InP Zindabad!
Cheers Inp!


"Indians & Pakistanis" (InP) is a community @ Orkut.


ayyo.... said...

@ Kunwar
True. We share a special bond and our camaraderie is fairly enviable.. but we need more of our tribe!
You never lacked intelligence..yes, sometimes you were stubborn.. but very passionate post though!! :D

Cheers InP!!

Sikander F Khan said...

Very passionate and well written post indeed.

Sikander F Khan said...

And 'InP' -our community on Orkut- '' has helped all of us make new friends across the borders, friends that we might not be able to forget.

kunwar said...

thanx, you guyz