Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Much Anticipated Win..and a heavy heart

People who know me would know how much of an anti-BJP stuff i am..So was I grinning all day as the results came pouring in favour of the UPA. My colleagues who already have a grudge against me thinking I was planning Deccan Chargers' downfall with my "kaali-zubaan" blamed me all the more for the election results. I stood vindicated.

What started off as a casual conversation between me and my friend; a BJP supporter over what UPA had done over the past five years and what NDA could have ukhado-fied if they had given a chance grew much more tense. One big points of discussion was YS Rajashekara Reddy (the Congress CM of AP who is now all set to retain power in the AP Assembly) was converting people to Christianity in return for money. My point was this was bad. But worse was the murder of Staines, the Christian missionary by the BJP guys..

I opined that UPA is no angel, and I merely picking the lesser evil. Friend says that which is the lesser evil is upto individual perceptions(???). A few more minutes of argument later ( and I dont want to go on a rant), I asked him what was more important to him - the country or religion. He said "obviously religion". Two of the other friends (all Hindus here..) agreed.

I couldn't take it at all..All these years, one thing I had always held dear and felt proud as an Indian was that we place our country over religion..And I was the only one echoing it there?

I felt real down. I called one of my other friends (a Muslim) down for a snack. I had never discussed religion or communal politics with a Muslim before..I bluntly put forth the question again to him..He didn't speak for a moment., then grinning, he said, " It is a very tough question Anand. I will never answer that question in my life..".

He too sided with the BJP supporters on that count, I thought...


Sikander Fayyaz Khan said...

Anand, could you please help me understand that why don't we see Congress support on social networking sites as much as we see BJP's?

And usually BJP supporters come across as sort of inflexible people, at least that's what I've observed on orkut. Is that perception right?

Anand said...


One point of discussion that I had with my friend yesterday was about what Congress actually did in the last five years that they deserved another term..People couldn't "see" anything..

And that I believe was because the majority of work was done at the ground level. They had this NREGA programme or, i think the rural populace voted them to power. And that also answers why we probably dont 'see them on orkut'..

By the way, when I was grinning and laughing through the day looking at the results, one my colleagues said , "You are the first educated person I am seeing who is supporting UPA". that kinda freaked me out..

Sikander Fayyaz Khan said...


I was just watching NDTV and they were showing a graphic, which said that UPA had won more seats in terms of percentage in urban areas than rural. And NDA had done opposite. So is it really the rural area which has helped them get back?

Anand said...

not sure about it..However, wat i can say is the Congress has done exceedingly well in states like UP which are lesser developed.

So, urban areas need not be the heart of Mumbai..Even Aligarh or Kanpur are urban..

ayyo.... said...

I'm surprised. I cannot understand why do people equate religion with God?
If there is a God, then a country of course, cannot be greater than him. But a religion?! It beats my logic..!

I am yet to meet a Muslim, Hindu or Christian who admitted to me that his religion was greater than the country.. and I am not too keen to meet someone either..! x_X

Bhaskar said...

Salam Sikander bhai,
This is Bhaskar from Hyderabad, Deccan. I was blog searching international blogs about our general election and their opinion on the results and got here.
One thing, i humbly disagree with Anand is that many educated guys ( elites ???) support BJP. Thats not true. Its no denying that NREGA(Rural employment scheme) and loan waivers for farmers paid huge electoral dividends for Congress, but Congress also swept many urban constituencies.
I'm so heartened by this elections, both right-wing and left-wing got drubbed for their intolerant ideological stances.
So, Indians have rejected the narrow politics of Hindutva and i think its very good for peace initiatives in our subcontinent.

Sikander Fayyaz Khan said...

Wasalam Bhaskar..

Good to have you here. I hope Pakistani politics also mature like India's. It was astonishing to see that no party (that lost elections) cried foul or alleged rigging behind their opponents victory.

We haven't had one elections where such allegations haven't been labeled against the victorious.

The Ancient Mariner said...


educated populace did vote for Congress and for UPA in general. THere is no doubt about that. I have seen the general hatred/apathy towards the hindutwavaadis in my place. Even in TN the same happened.

NDA for a change did not play the hindutwa card that strongly this time. Rather they were talking about national security, anti terrorism stand, strong nation etc. I think people chose good governance and developemnt over those.

And about religion over country? I have heard this stuff from Muslims quite a number of times. Especially pakistanis. I think we are comparing apples and oranges when we ask that question. Hence the answer isn't much relevant!