Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Prince of Wounds..!


Accept certain inalienable truths:

Prices will rise. Politicians will philander. You too, will get old.

And when you do, you'll fantasize that when you were young,
prices were reasonable, politicians were noble,
and children respected their elders.

-Baz Luhrman
(The Sunscreen Song)


I cannot agree more with him. But sometimes politicians surprise you by disgusting you more than you thought they could. I can call myself as someone who finds politics interesting and follows it closely. With election fever at it’s peak, I was expecting some fireworks. But what I saw completely disgusted me.

           I have never been a great admirer of the Nehru- Gandhi parivaar but Varun Gandhi’s antics nauseated me, to say the least. His speech about Hindus being killed was distasteful and very unworthy for a person carrying this name. More because he was contesting from a ‘safe’ constituency  which he would have won anyway giver the fact that his mother, Maneka Gandhi had the seat since last 20 years.

                I do understand that politics is dirty and is abhorred by most Indians and by playing communal politics, they don’t exactly endear themselves to us. Still, Varun Gandhi, only 29, graduated from the London School of Economics and a poet and a gifted mimic held more promise than what he turned out to be. He shares him mother’s passion for animal rights and has 22 strays or abandoned dogs living with them.

    It is very sad to see someone like him who had great potential and great promise being tainted with the same brush as the abhorred species. He was caught on tape making speeches about protecting Hindus from imaginary threats and that too, in Pilibhit which is yet to see communal disharmony of any sorts. I do understand that as a  budding politician he wanted to make a good start, but apparently has landed on the wrong foot.

And very recently I made an observation about our democracy, in India, people come into ‘power’ and to ‘rule’ us and never to ‘serve’ us..!


Anand said...

If only the damn tapes were not forged with..Menaka Gandhi who cries for animals being hurt would have disowned her son for vowing to cut the hands of the Muslim section of the biggest and most powerful animal of all...

ayyo.... said...

Powerful animal it seems..! BTW, do you seriously think that the tapes were doctored??

Anand said...

Heck no! He spoke it...He spoke it....

Anjali said...

So Mr.Ayyo ,what makes you think Varun isn,t speaking the truth...and even if he has uttered those words what,s wrong with that...He said he will cut the hands of those who harms the Hindus...have you guys ever crossed the Vindhyas to see what happens in U.P...have you ever seen what most of the muslims in U.P and Hyd do when there are Indo-pak matches or even our independance day..check it yoruself to know...if a muslim makes statements ,its a secular but a Hindu talks and it becomes communal...enough of this pseudo-secularism...enough is enough...someone asked why some Indians hate Gandhi...its cos he declared this godamn nation as secular while the neighbours were laughing at their new found Islamic nation...so Hindus who were always exploited by the Muslims for centuries should tolerate the crap again...have you ever found one muslim condemning the atrocities commited on Hindus through the centuries...find one ..we can,t even bloody have one law or implement family planning in the country...all cause of .....you know whom???/

Anand said...

well said Anjali, or whoever it is hiding in that profile...

There is however one difference between you and Ayyo..Ayyo actually has Muslim friends to verify how far they are true, whereas you've only heard of these things without a muslim friend yourself..

Anjali said...


I dont need to hide behind someone,s account...I am Anjali Mehra from Mumbai presently doing my Masters in Bio-Med engg at arlington..

Just happened to come across this blog while browsing on Varun Gandhi therefore left my thoughts...
Well what makes you sure Ayyo has muslim friends to verify and I donot...I am from an Army background and have met people from a wide section of the society and know too well the double faces of some...Hmm...Do Ayyo,s friends hoist Pak flags in India...I respect the Pakistanis more than the Indian muslim...atleast they migrated decently rather than live here to hoist an enemies flag...dont tell you are so naive...dont tell me you dont know why NDTV is so biased...cause its the only channel allowed in Pak therefore more minority friendly...

ayyo.... said...

I believe that Hate cannot be killed with hate.

When you talk about the people cheering Pakistan in cricket matches, I do get offended but People are entitled to have their opinion and it is more of a waning phenomenon. I don't think any Muslim born after the mid-nineties would harbour such feelings. Maybe they are people who wanted to migrate to Pakistan and could not.

As for what Anand said is right. I have a lot of Muslim friends and even know of a person who supports Pakistan in cricket matches. He is 22, from Bombay and was born here.
When he said that he supports Pakistan in cricket matches, my colleagues were very upset. Having interacted with so many Pakistanis, I asked him the reason one day.
He said that his Father was Pakistani and his Mum was an Indian. They got married an settled in Pakistan. His siblings are in Pakistan and he has to stay wth his grandmother here. He has been to Pakistan 7-8 times and
misses them. He sounds like the Indian guy who is in America for employment and misses his home. At one point, I even felt sorry for him.

ayyo.... said...

Incidentally, I am from Bombay too.
I have been to Hyderabad and Lucknow.In fact, I was born in Saki Naka. People used to cheer the Pakistani team back in the early 90s, but it's not the same anymore.
As for you respecting Pakistanis more, I respect Indian Muslims more anyday, anytime. They CHOSE to stay in India.. unlike us.. we were simply born here..didn't have too much of a choice,did we?
If you say that you know the 'double faces of some' then is that sufficient enough to blame the entire community? Rotten apples are everywhere. It's when educated people react and stoop to their levels do things start to appear really sad.
None of my friends hoist the Pakistani flag anywhere. And even if they do, you cannot simply send people out of the country or kill them for belonging to a particular country. These are political problems and cannot be solved through Military actions. We'll only end up anhilating everything through endless retributions.
NDTV, biased? So is every news channel in India..! But yeah, appeasing Minorities for viewership in Pakistan?! That's ridiculous..!

Anjali said...

To each his own...If your friend has a reason for supporting the Pak team staying in India and you equate it with someone staying abroad and missing home ,then I suppose you are blind to so many issues plaguing the country...and yeah only Hindus are cause of all the problems right..the way media projects it..comeon man ...wake up..any incident involving hindus are highlighted but how many times has media highlighted what SIMI and others are upto...Ram Sena becamse such a big issue but what about the honour killings and the sale of young brides from Hyd to the Arabs etc...they are supressed and you know why..anyways no point arguing with anyone...I leave the matter here ...just as I can,t change your thinking ,you can,t change mine..God bless and may India prosper and may ALL the Indians proudly sing the National Anthem and the song irrespective of ...???

ayyo.... said...

That was an analogy I gave to drive home the point. It's like if I become an Australian citizen in the future, should I stop cheering India then?
Naah! I know that many secularists in India are jumping with joy now that some Hindus have been caught in terrorist acts.
But to the best of my memory, SIMI did make the headlines and everytime, for the wrong reasons! Ram Sene is entirely different from terrorism. You can compare it with Taliban for they too indulge in Moral policing and about the selling of young brides in Hyd to arabs is a social evil as much as the caste system is... what has that got to do with this??
Don't questions people's commitment to the country because of the God they follow..!

Anand said...


It is futile to discuss it here. I would recommend you to discuss this in this blog's parent community .

Pls. join this if you are game for some real sensible discussion:


Anjali said...

Ayyo..thanks for your thoughts..much appreciated..like I said before social evils like Sati and caste system are discussed as a Hindu custom rather than a social evil by the so called muslims I came across...they conviniently forget what they have...You know what some Indian muslims here told me..that mughal invasion of India is the best thing to have happened to the sub-continent ...I belive we Hindus (they forgot our ancient civilisationI suppose)were barbaric,dug the floor to have our food served in the hole etc till the mughals came and refined us...I believe the Kohinoor which we claim as ours in actually brought from Persia and given to us...they have forgotten where it was originally found...I accept your logic thats it bad to brand whe whole comm based on few but majority of them brainwashed and this is what they belive ...I am sure their ancestors who were tortured /raped,/forcefully converted /made a part of the emperor,s harem etc would be twisting in their graves...that the very by-product of torture and force are praising the mughals today...as I said I came across very dignified Pakistanis who ofcourse hate the kafirs equally but atleast talk some sense unlike the Indian mussies whose idols are hmmm...any points for guessing...

@Anand...you would do very well to become someone,s mouth piece or tail piece...thanks for the link but I aint interested...and I told in my prev ost itself that end the matter here so pls pls pls...I dont want this to end in a big argument with someone I have nothing against...Peace and I remain the same Anjali Mehra...Bye Bye

Sikander Fayyaz Khan said...

So.. this Varun is a Gandhi. Interesting. ;)

I've been following the whole thing on tv, NDTV to be precise, and from what I've seen, frankly, I don't know what's the whole fuss about.

The little peeks of the speech video which are shown on tv say that he would cut those hand which would come to harm Hindus. Isn't that fair? I mean figuratively, not literally hands being cut. But if he thinks that he would defend Hindus in case of an attack or oppression etc, why should that be such a huge issue?

Please forgive my ignorance (in case) Andy, Ayyo & Anjali. I am just an ignorant Pakistani. :)

ayyo.... said...

Anand is just inviting you to a community which made of Indians and Pakistanis. We are a very closely knit group and we have very meaningful and sensible discussions there.
It is a very cordial invitation, please accept. I'm very sure you won't regret it.

Varun is the 'Other' Gandhi. He is the son of Indira Gandhi's ostracised daughter in law and Sajnay Gandhi's wife, Maneka Gandhi.
Maybe you did not find anything communal in this speech. But it is in Pilibhit, which has never seen communal violence. And he was sure to win it hands down. No need to whip the Hindu pride against imaginary threats. The BJP itself, distanced itself from him after this speech.

P.S: He equated his Muslim rival to Osama Bin Laden for reasons obvious.